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Tara Meyer Artist Bundle

About Course

The “Tara Meyer’s Artist Bundle” is a 29-part program that will show you exactly how you can elevate your power and grace through the self-paced exercises that I meticulously structured over decades of experience. As a professional dancer, Pole Champion and Cirque du Soleil Artist, I will show you invaluable lessons that I wish someone had taught me decades ago – and yes, I was self-taught! The interchangeable routines in this course showcases original techniques and one-of-a-kind teachings to help refine your body and to reach your true artistic potential. Learn intricate but subtle movements that are my best kept secrets for decades – techniques that takes others years of practice! And for the first time ever, I am also sharing the secrets to my world-reknowned “The Tara Arch”! You will have exclusive access to the exercises that made me known to have “the best feet in the dance world” which helped me be the only pole athlete to ever win OG Pole Fitness at Olympia and the PCS Arnold Classic— the two most prestigious international pole championships. Within 12 weeks of devoting your energy to this program, you’ll be able to see significant difference in your overall strength. You’ll surely experience your body’s peak performance that will make you ready for any routine, especially pole.

Get the “Tara Meyer Artist Bundle” today! The overall value for the course is $2,300 but will only be sold for $1,250 introductory price! So don’t miss out on this chance to become the artist you were meant to be, and learn what foundations you need to become a Pole Champion.

May you soar and fly,
in magic and grace always ~


What I will learn?

  • Prone Leg Lift Combo
  • Quad Set Straddle
  • Arm Arc
  • Breathing and Abdominal Connection
  • Half Roll Back Series
  • Martini Double Leg Sit
  • Martini Teaser
  • Ab Lift Series
  • Single Leg Fold Series
  • Open Cupid Double Arm Extension
  • Demi Pointe
  • Ankle Circles & Ankle ABCs
  • Metatarsal doming
  • Releve Combo
  • Foot Combo

Course Curriculum

The Tara Arch

  • Warm Up
  • Ankles
  • Metatarsal Doming
  • Releve
  • Foot Combo

Reduce Microbends

Arm Connection


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