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Hi, I am Tara Meyer

Tara Meyer is an Internationally recognized Elite Pole Champion, the only competitor to have won both the OG Pole Fitness at Olympia and the PCS Arnold Classic— the two most prestigious international pole championships. She has also performed in Cirque du Soleil as their pole soloist.​Tara travels the globe as an elite performer, competition judge, coach and is the owner of VogueFit (Aerial Studio in Canada). Her extensive formal dance background, combined with an audacious creativity, champion’s work ethic, and generous heart, makes Tara a treasure for the global pole community, as she offers a unique contribution to every event in which she participates.



While there are many qualities that make a great teacher, two of the most important are passion and knowledge and Tara is the epitome of both. She creates a positive, encouraging and safe learning environment giving you the strength and confidence to step out of your comfort zone. She knows that every “body” is uniquely their own and can adapt any move or combo to work with you to successfully achieve your goals.
Paula Evaskavich
Tara is an absolute ray of sunshine. I always look forward to pole classes as I know she’ll find ways to help me improve while having all the fun. Tara’s many years of experience are evident in the flow of her movement, beautiful choreography, and ability to adapt to all skill levels when teaching. She places a lot of emphasis on building the strength required to execute moves safely and provides many modifications to learn a new move or combo. Tara also continues to improve her teaching by actively finding what instruction clicks for different students. Throughout my life, I never thought I would identify as a dancer. This completely changed after I started to learn from Tara.
Tara is an excellent instructor who really cares about her students. She’s able to break down complex movements into smaller progressions to help students learn safely and efficiently. Tara brings a wonderfully fun and positive energy to each of her classes that makes you want to come back for more!

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